Why create vertical gardens?

Beautiful vertical gardens improve aesthetics of urban environments. Click here for benefits.

Can the Atlantis gro-Wall™ be hung or suspended above the ground level?


What plants can be used?

We have successfully used plants such as sedums, succulents, climbers, ground covers, hedge varieties, grasses, selected fruits, vegetables and others. Also consider the growth of the species when selecting plants. Click here for plant list.

What other plant criteria do I need to take into consideration when building a Vertical Garden?

You will need to observe the sunlight conditions where you will build your vertical garden, this will also influence plant selection.

Is the Gro-Wall™ system Hydroponic?

No, Atlantis Gro-Wall™ vertical garden system uses soil mixtures for root support and nutrient retention.

Is the Gro-Wall™ system water efficient?

Yes, Atlantis Gro-Wall™ vertical garden system is water efficient and requires only minimum irrigation. With our IPI™ Individual Plant Irrigation system each plant is watered in accordance to the timing settings of the irrigation system. This enables the watering requirements to be set the plant receives adequate water and eliminates water runoff.

Is there a reticulation system for the Atlantis Gro-Wall™?

Yes, however it is not required. Nutrient leaching is not recommended for healthy plant growth. If a reticulation system is required visit our main website to find the following;

– Stormwater Harvesting
– Rainwater Harvesting
– Roof Garden Reticulation systems
– Underground Water Capture
– Please visit our website for more information www.atlantiscorp.com.au

Does Gro-Wall™ require constant irrigation?

NO, only minimal irrigation is required.