With thousands of installations worldwide find out why Gro-Wall® Façade is ideal for your vertical garden green wall project.

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Gro-Wall® Façade

The Gro-Wall® Façade system is an ideal product for creating beautiful architectural design elements for creative facade applications. The Gro-Wall® Façade has many applications that include privacy screening, as a trelis for climbing plants or for creating shaded areas.

The Gro-Wall® Facade system facilitates easy installation and integration with existing buildings and new architectural designs.The strong design and ease of installation makes Gro-Wall® Façade and ideal choice for architects, landscape designers and landscape contractors.

Gro-Wall® Façade

  • Privacy Screens
  • Trelis for climbing plants
  • Shade Walls
  • Decorative Facade
  • Signs
  • Gates
  • Fences