Children love their new Vertical Garden

A stunning Atlantis Vertical Garden system was installed into the interior of the Gisborne Childcare Center. The vertical garden provides a visual appealing garden that absorbs office pollutants and enhances the mood of the center. The childcare center aims to provide a colourful, stimulating surrounds that ensure the children have the chance to grow and develop through sensory, play-based learning.

This vertical garden covers an area of 17 square meters.

Gro-Wall® 4.5 Technology

The system selected for the Gisborne Child Care Center is the Atlantis Gro-Wall® 4.5 vertical garden system. This system provides 6.5 litres capacity of growing media for each plant. The system used specially designed growing media developed by our horticulturist that provides the system with a robust low maintenance and long term vertical garden installation. The Gro-Wall® 4.5 also provides the watering of each individual plant and the planter trays provides built in water reservoir and drainage that only removes excess water.

  • Large Capacity, Each Planter tray is 6.5 Litre capacity

  • Modular, Easy vertical and horizontal expansion

  • Minimal Maintenance

  • Individual Plant Irrigation

Installation is a Breeze

The installation was a methodical affair, commencing with the assembly of the Gro-Wall® 4.5 modules and the planting of the plants into the planter trays. The assembled modules were attached to the prepared wall and fixed into position. Then the irrigation lines were installed into each row and connected to the main water inlet lines.

The installation went smoothly and the system is easy to setup install. We also had a great time installing the plants and creating a beautiful pattern of colour distribution.

Next a drainage tray was installed at the base which fed into a drainage outlet. The irrigation system was test run to ensure all was working as intended. Then the cladding was installed on the sides of the vertical garden. Finally the plants were installed into their positions.