…The coexistence between nature and humanity is the key to sustainability

We believe in creating Green Cities For Life a symbiotic relationship between humanity and the environment. Our innovations, real world applications and systems embrace and deliver this vision.

Our vision for Green Cities for Life encompasses the elements that effect all life, Air, Water, Fire and Earth creating a sustainable ecology.

Atlantis was conceived in 1986 by Landscape Architect Humberto Urriola following his dream of creating Green Cities, a harmonious paradise covered in beautiful plants that absorb and transform sunlight, capture and recycle water, produce oxygen and transform pollutants creating a sink for carbon.

We frequently create partnerships with our network of friends, contacts and partners to combine industry specific skills, knowledge, and operational expertise. We believe in making a difference.

The coexistence between nature and humanity is the key to sustainability. Atlantis stands for quality, innovation, and delivering solutions that work.